An authentic classical Pilates experience awaits in sunny Miami Beach.

Come break a sweat in the premier members only boutique Pilates studio located just steps from the beach and in the heart of Miami’s Historic Art Deco District. Founded in New York by Vanessa Remijio, Springs & Slings Pilates’ new flagship studio pays homage to the tropical allure and global sensibilities of Miami design. Vanessa reimagines wellness with an aesthetic that is meant to energize the body and calm the mind- A posh bohemian refuge where exercise, recovery and rebalancing of the body take place.

Why Classical Pilates?

Pilates is a complete form of exercise that incorporates the body, mind and spirit functioning collectively as a coordinated whole. It’s the perfect balance of Stretch, Strength, and Control for the attainment of physical well-being and a calm mind- “a sane mind in a sound body.”

The Pilates methodology incorporates six principles of moving: Centering, Control, Concentration, Precision, Breath, and Fluidity. These six principles combined with correct alignment, the utilization of a strong center and opposing forces working in concert to obtain the two-way stretch throughout the body, are essential to creating a strong and stable foundation for movement to occur in all planes of motion. Here, you will learn to hone the skills needed to link one exercise to the next, without changing the purpose of the exercise. This is how Springs & Slings strives to preserve the true essence of Joseph Pilates- by respecting the progression of development of the Method he created for everyone to enjoy, learn, and seek true transformation from the inside out. And this is what separates Springs & Slings Pilates’ work from other exercise modalities out there today-because they do the work as Joe and his lineage of teachers prescribed, without changing the intent of the method.


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    Please refrain from wearing workout apparel with zippers or buttons.

    Please refrain from wearing jewelry during your treatment.